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Use of Buggies

Golfers are reminded that the buggies should use the Paths when possible, especially in times of heavy rain when Buggy use could damage the course.

At any time, do not attempt to climb the hill from the bridge at the 4th Fairway up to the 4th green. Always use the path cutting across the bottom of the joint 2nd & 5th fairway and use the pathway up to the 5th tee box.

Do not drive around in the rough especially in the tree compounds as tree stumps are often hidden in long grass.

Extra care should be taken crossing bridges as some are narrow and damage is being caused to buggy tyres and wheels.

Buggies and NOT permitted on Tee Boxes or Green surrounds.

Please follow special instructions from Green Convener in these wet periods. Failure to comply, i.e. buggy tracks visible on our fairways with the potential of causing damage will force the Greens Convener to remove this facility during these times.

Individuals continuing to abuse the Buggy rules will be suspended from using this facility.

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