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Covid Protocol Reminder

1.    Golf Club open from Thursday 1st April for MEMBERS only
2.    Members with colds or any symptons of COVID -19  –  Stay Away.
3.   No organized social gathering – Arrival – Play – Depart without delay
4.   During this initial phase groups playing on golf course must be confined to a maximum of two households
5.   Start on 10th Tee-Box : Monday – Friday.  Start on 1st Tee-Box : Saturday & Sunday.     No Cutting in.
6.    Tee times MUST be booked in Advance online.
7.    Physical distancing rules are observed by all member.
8.    Players are instructed not to touch flags.  Rake bunkers with foot or club
9.    Toilets will re-open – one in one out basis.  No access to lockers.
10.   Where Golf Buggies must be used, it should be used by ONE PERSON ONLY however members of the same household may share buggy.
11.   Club Buggies MUST be booked 24 hrs in Advance via Darryl


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