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Enniskillen & Castlehume Challenge Cup

In 1996, Castlehume Golf Club presented Enniskillen Golf Club with a beautiful Crystal Cup to mark our centenary year.  This Cup, which displays both Club’s logos, is permanently displayed in our trophy cabinet.
Although the Cup does not leave Enniskillen Golf Club’s custody, each year, the respective Club Vice Captain’s get together to arrange a match between 16 members from each Club to play for the honor of winning it.  The venue alternates.
This year the match took place on Saturday 22nd September at Enniskillen Golf Club.    The weather was kind and the course was in great condition despite the recent storm and heavy rains.  It was a great social event between the members of the two clubs both during the golf and the following meal & presentation.  This year Enniskillen  Golf Club were the clear winners.   (Winners 2016 & 2017 – Castlehume)


L – R   Castlehume Vice Captain Ivan Read presenting the Challenge Cup to Enniskillen Vice captain Stephen Smyth
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