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1-July Sunday  Balcas Open  Balcas Open
2-July Monday
3-July Tuesday Monthly Medal sponsored by Tanya Cathcart
4-July Wednesday  Midweek Open (Sponsored By Scott Hamilton)
5-July Thursday  Midweek Open (Sponsored by Scott Hamilton)
6-July Friday
7-July Saturday David McKechnie Memorial  David McKechnie Memorial
8-July Sunday  July Medal (Sponsored by Gerry Tierney)
9-July Monday
10-July Tuesday  18 Hole Competition
11-July Wednesday Midweek Open (Sponsored by Fletcher Golf)
12-July Thursday Midweek Open (Sponsored by Fletcher Golf)
13-July Friday
14-July Saturday First Trust  Open




First Trust Open




17-July Tuesday  Centenary Trophy
18-July Wednesday Midweek Open (Sponsored by PFP Wealth)
19-July Thursday Midweek Open (Sponsored by PFP Wealth)
20-July Friday
21-July Saturday Lakeland Open  Lakeland Open
22-July Sunday Lakeland Open  Lakeland Open
23-July Monday
24-July Tuesday Club Trophy V Par
25-July Wednesday Midweek Open (Sponsored by Declan O’Brien)
26-July Thursday  Midweek Open (Sponsored by Declan O’Brien)
27-July Friday
28-July Saturday Severfield Open  Severfield Open
29-July Sunday Severfield Open  Severfield Open
30-July Monday
31-July Tuesday 18 Hole competition
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