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Below are the Protocols that must be used by members now that Golf Clubs are permitted by Government to return to playing Golf.

To ensure that golf at Enniskillen Golf Club is conducted in a safe and responsible manner and in compliance, the Council ask that members respect the guidelines laid out below. These guidelines are in force in Phase 1 of GUI/ILGU protocols and will be reviewed before Phase 2.

In General

Always practice Physical Distancing and remain a minimum of at least 2 metres from others at all times.

Travel to the club on your own or with a member of the same household.

Any Member who has recently returned from abroad or who is exhibiting any symptoms of Covid-19, should remain at home until cleared.

Play is restricted to paid up members only (no guests).

Only casual golf, no competitions.

Booking a time at Enniskillen Golf Club

The time sheets for the following 7 days are open for bookings. The first tee time will be at 9 am. Day light will dictate course closing time, however no teeing off after 9pm. Members playing late in the evening are advised that the Carpark gate will be locked at 9pm and they should leave their vehicles outside the gate if they are not expected to be finished by this time.

To book, contact the on duty Ranger on Club Mobile Phone – 07907015723 with time requested and full names of all players up to a maximum of 3 people. The Ranger will advise if requested time is available and any alternate time slot if not.

Tee times must be booked by 5 pm on previous day.

Bookings for weekends need to be made by Friday 5 pm.

All Golf will start on 10th tee to accommodate 9-hole golf.

In Advance of Golf

Observe physical distancing at all times on arrival to the club.

It is necessary to check-in on arrival, before play, at the manned gate.

The locker rooms will remain closed. If you need to retrieve your golf equipment from the locker room, please contact above Tel number to arrange.

Members should bring their own food, sanitation and hydration.

Clubhouse and locker room facilities are not available until further notice.

Juniors – Juniors may play, but only if accompanied by an adult member, preferably from their own household.

Practice Area – The practice area is out of service for phase 1.

Buggies – Where a golf buggy must be used, it must be pre – booked and pre-paid. It should be used by one person only or shared with a member of the same household and cannot be exchanged between people during the round. Members are asked to bring their own sanitiser to clean buggy before and after use.

Payment for Buggy – As we are not in a position to facilitate cash or card payments. members are requested to advance a minimum payment of £50, via Bank Transfer, to Enniskillen Golf Club No 2. A/C – SORT CODE 95-06-76, Account No. 80006645. Please ensure to include your Name. This lodgement will cover Buggy Hire for five rounds. Top up of Golf Buggy payments must be made as and when required. Only members with sufficient money lodged on the day of request can book a Buggy.

Under no circumstances should you arrive at the club without booking in advance.

On the Course

Do not arrive at the first tee more than 5 minutes before your tee time

Bunkers will be GUR with a dropping zone. There are no rakes in the bunkers, smooth over the sand with your foot as you exit the bunker to retrieve ball.

Do Not touch or Remove the Flag stick While Playing.

The cups will be adapted to prevent total drop of ball and you must only retrieve your own ball from the hole. The use of “gimmees” is encouraged.

Following play of a hole, do not enter the next teeing ground until all the members of the group in front have played their tee shots and exited the teeing ground.

If your ball is lost, unplayable, or in a penalty area, do not double back to replay your shot. Instead, use an option that allows you to keep your position on the course.

Always maintain a safe distance from the group in front but avoid slow play.

After the Round

Golfers must leave the club immediately after completion of the round to avoid gatherings.

While the Council and Staff of Enniskillen Golf Club do their best to ensure your safety and to prevent the spread of Covid-19, you are expected to take responsibility for your own safety and the safety of others.

Use the toilet facilities before you leave home.

Bring your own hand sanitiser to the course and use regularly during the round.

Please treat EVERY surface as a potential area for contact with the virus. Avoid contact with anything that someone else may have handled.


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