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World Handicap System

The World Handicap System arrives in Ireland on 2nd November 2020.

Everything you need to know about WHS is available at  and we encourage you to go to this site and look at the Resources:

  1. WHS Player Presentation
  2. WHS Frequently Asked Questions
  3. Rules of Handicapping
  4. Players Reference Guide
  5. CONGU advice on WHS

Plus a Selection of helpful Videos

 Other locations for this information:

 ON FACEBOOK:  The World Handicap System is coming to Ireland on 2nd
November. Find out what it means for you at 

 ON TWITTER: The World Handicap System is coming to Ireland on 2nd
Nov. Find out more at  @GUIGolf @IrishLadiesGolf

 ON INSTA: ‘World Handicap System – 2nd November – more info at  @IrishLadiesGolf  

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